seth (hyperseth) wrote,

i wake up in the living room, it's late for me: almost six-thirty.
the airbed was moved behind the sofa for me to sleep on because jack and judy showed up yesterday.

i suppose that it's really some kind of honor to be here with jack. a little over thirty years ago he put a book together known as the emperor wears no clothes, this book is where most everyone has learned over the years how to be a hempster. to summarize the research collected in this volume: everything should be made from hemp, the world is dying because we there aren't enough hempfarms to support our modern world.
every word of it is true, a ripe example demonstration of just how upside down mankind has positioned itself.

i can hear the noises of the couple stirring themselves awake. there are no finished walls to seperate us, sound and wind travels freely around the black plastic shrouding the frame of our ministry. throughout the night one can hear a television upstairs muttering quietly..

there's a lot to say

about everything

happy birthday to me. i'm 17.
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