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anyone who is in the bay area

and anyone who wants to go to the bay area

i'm looking at a trip to San Francisco and Dublin on wednesday in honor of my reverend coming home.

talk to me if this sounds like fun.


For Immediate Release
Tuesday April 19th 2005

Rev. Charles Eddy Lepp To Be Released On 4-20-05.

Rev. Charles Eddy Lepp will be released from custody Wednesday April 20th 2005 thanks to Lynette Shaw, from the Marin Alliance. Shaw has come through with the property needed to insure Rev. Lepp’s bail.

On Monday April 18th 2005 at 3:00pm Shaw, along with Omar Figueroa one of Rev. Lepp’s lawyers, met with the prosecuting attorney, David Hall, on the conditions of Rev. Lepp’s release. With the promise of Shaw’s Marin County home as collateral and the guarantee of all formal paperwork to follow soon after, Hall agreed to release Rev. Lepp. They will all meet before Magistrate Judge James in the San Francisco Federal Court Building on Wednesday 4-20-05 at 9:30am to officially release Rev. Lepp.

Upon his release from jail Rev. Lepp will be allowed to medicate and posses his medical marijuana during his trail but must promise not to grow for himself, his family, or his patients. Rev. Lepp has spent a total of 63 days in jail awaiting his bail. On 2-15-05 he spent the day outside of the court building in lake county petitioning for a fellow patient and activist’s trial which was in progress.

On Wednesday February 16th 2005 he was arrested and has been awaiting his bail ever since. Rev. Lepp’s supporters urge all media and supporters that can to be present for Rev. Lepp’s court date at 9:30am on 4-20-05 in front of Magistrate Judge James at the San Francisco Federal Court Building.

Rev. Lepp will be released from Santa Rita County Jail in Dublin California shortly there after and will be immediately available for interviews. Please contact the Santa Rita Jail for any information about his release on 4-20-05. Or you can contact Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens and Ministry of Cannabis and Rastafari directly at 707-275-8879, please leave any contact information needed to reach you and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Press Release By:
Craig Lemire

For More Information Contact:

Linda Senti or Craig Lemire
9176 Upper Lake Lucerne Rd.
Upper Lake CA. 95485

Primary 707-275-8879
Secondary 707-319-1773
Fax 707-275-9717

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